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Yanagisawa Sax Review :: Yani Sax :: Yanigisawa Reviews
MORE Reviews are coming for Yanagisawa Saxophones. We have tested Lacquer, Brass, Bronze, Sterling Silver and Pink Gold - available models. Check back for reviews on all of these.

Yanagisawa Saxophones

Yanagisawa makes really great Saxophones! Favorites are the Sterling Silver Yana's, costing there weight in Gold. These Saxes have amazing response and tone. They are totally beautiful also.

The Bronze Yana Sax was too bright for me but a fellow Bronze Yanagisawa owner liked me better on the Bronze Sax's then all the other Yanagisawa models. I felt like the tone was too thin for me and I actually preferred the Standard Lacquered Yanagisawa's over the Bronze. Tonal Concepts are explained in the Disclaimer Article.

The lacquered Saxes sounded fine but I liked the Yamaha's a little more.

The Yani Bari was a lot like my Yamaha 62 but probably better in overall projection.

The Pink Gold Alto tested was very nice but did not give me the chills that the Sterling Tenor and Alto, and Lacquered Baritone did. I think the Pink Gold would have grown on me with time. It sounded really great but felt like I would need some time to find my voice on it.

Yanagisawa makes a few really great Soprano's. Favorite Soprano's where the Curved Lacquer Soprano, Curved Sterling Silver Soprano and Straight Sterling Yani Soprano.

Yanagisawa Sax Reviews

More reviews are coming for the Yanagisawa Saxes. In the meantime you can consider writing a review by checking out the Review Questions page.

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