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Yanagisawa Sax Review - S981 - S991 Soprano's

Yanagisawa S 981

This is everything that the Yanagisawa 901 Soprano Saxophone is and more. The Yana S991 has a choice of necks, either curved or straight, which offers the player a choice of playing positions, to suit individual playing styles. My own personal preference is for the curved neck. This horn really opened up my sound and I was able to play expressively with a wider range of controlled dynamics. The upper register sang out with no harshness, and the tuning was spot on. The response of the Yanagisawa S981 was slightly quicker than the S901 Soprano. The overall feel was one of a very classy saxophone, reflecting well in the tone, a lot smoother and with greater projection. It's hard to believe that the S901 can be improved upon in such a way, but the Yanagisawa S981 is truly a great Soprano Sax. Surely it couldn't get any better?

Yanagisawa S 991

It was almost impossible to tell the difference between the S981 and S991. They both played superbly, and I could have played both all day without a care in the world. The main difference is that the 991 has an extra high G key, other than that there is not much to choose between them. The only other small change that I found was that the sound I produced on the 991 had slightly better focus and an overall softer feel to it. This is ever so slight and when I was ripping it up on a couple of numbers with playalong tracks for backing, I couldn't tell the difference at all. I liked the S991 very much and of all the straight Yanagisawa Sopranos I tried this was my favorite. I would love to play any of them, and would be more than happy to add the S991 to my collection of horns.

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Yanagisawa Saxes :: Straight Soprano S 901

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