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Yamaha Saxophones

Yamaha is known for being the first modern challenge to Selmer dynasty for there Soprano Saxophones which became the standard for all other Soprano's by the mid 80's. Although the Yamaha Soprano was the first, all out Yamaha Victory, the other Yamaha 62's; the Yamaha 62 Alto's, 62 Tenor's and then 62 Bari Saxes established Yamaha as a Professional Saxophone Manufacturer to be dealt with.

The release of the Yamaha Custom 875 line took the World by storm and established the fact that the Japanese Saxophone Makers were here to stay. In 2003, Yamaha added a third Pro Sax Model to its arsenal and shook the Jazz World with Jazz Legend Phil Woods moving to this new Custom Z Saxophone. Yamaha has truly established itself as one of the Big 4 Sax Makers, providing quality products for every level musician and tonal options for any style or sound desired.

Now accepting reviews for Yamaha Saxophones.

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