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Now accepting reviews for Yamaha Saxophones.

Sax Reviews has a sample questionnaire with the kinds of questions we would hope get addressed in reviews submitted. Please look over the Review Questions for ideas that might reveal not only like or dislike of a particular Saxophone, but also WHAT you liked and disliked, HOW you compared the Sax to WHAT other Sax Models tested and WHY you came to your conclusion about that Sax.

The PROCESS involved in testing Sax's can be more important to others than the actual conclusion.

Yamaha Saxophone Plating

SAXBOY's General Information on Yamaha Saxophone plating options.

    Gold Lacquered (Black lac.) -
  • Very focused
  • Even sound/tone thru full range and dynamics
  • Most compact or centered sound of all options

    Gold Plate -
  • Darkest overall tone
  • Rich, centered sound, yet complex tone thru the entire written range
  • Harder to play overtones/high harmonics but richer in the written range
  • Bigger sound than Lacquered, Darker than Silver Plate and Darker and softer than un-Lacquered

    Silver Plate -
  • Brighter tone overall, especially at higher volumes
  • Darker tone at soft volumes
  • Bigger sound than Lacquered, Brighter than Gold Plate, more centered than un-Lacquered.

    Un-Lacquered -
  • Greater volume and tonal response
  • Louder overall but can play great soft too.
  • More spread sound
  • Bigger and more spread than all other options

The above test results were sent to Yamaha as research to write an article on the Yamaha Web Site, posted earlier this year. Included articles :: Disclaimer and How To Buy A Saxophone to better describe the PROCESS and DIRECTION in Saxophone Testing and Equipment.

These general statements, when applied to who you are and what you need to change in your sound, will define what direction you will want to explore.

Sax Reviews :: SAXBOY

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