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Yamaha Saxophone Necks

Yamaha Necks can really shape your sound and fine tune the Saxophone Sound for your playing requirements or desired tone production.

Yamaha makes 3 different Necks; M1, F1 and G1. Each of these Yamaha Necks can be purchased in Gold or Black Lacquer, Silver Plated and Gold Plated and the G1 is available also in unLacquered. Unfortunately, Yamaha does little to market or explain the different Necks and what they sound like. Three areas are effected by the Neck Design; Resistance, Volume and Tone.

Yamaha Sax Necks

    SAXBOY's Neck tests: Comparison :: M1, F1 and G1 Necks
  • The M1 Neck is the most focused and controlled with more resistance, less volume and little tone variation thru the dynamic range. The Lacquer Neck is very conservative in tone, volume and resistance; suited for Classical Playing. The Silver adds some brightness and the Gold plate adds some depth to the tone but all 3 finishes feel pretty Classical to me.
  • The F1 Neck is more open sounding, with more volume and varied in tone at different volumes. This is the neck I use most the time on Tenor in Silver Plate which enhances the overtones for altissimo registers. The F1 is my pop choice with the Silver F1 projecting well, with some edge in the upper registers while covering the darker, soft volumes nicely in the low registers.
  • The G1 Neck is the latest Neck in the Yamaha line and is a blend of the M1 and F1 designs. The G1 Neck has the least resistance of the 3, can play very loud yet has a more focused sound than the F1 with a bit more flexibility than the M1. My favorite G1 Necks are Gold Plated which has an old school jazz depth with a little more center than the F1. This combination does not have much altissimo range for me but the value is in the darker, fatter tone thru the registers.

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