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Unison Sax Concepts :: by Jeff Peterson


For the last decade Unison Saxophones have been quietly changing the world of Saxophones. For many years, Saxophonists had to rely on large band instrument manufacturers for serious Saxes.

Being a relatively small company, Unison has been able to make constant refinements and innovations that would be too cumbersome for a large volume manufacturer. These Saxes are based on classic designs, further improved by listening attentively to top players, repair technicians and educators.

Under the leadership of Hollywood Sax Repair legend Rheuben Allen, this little upstart Sax Maker will continue to ruffle the feathers of the band instrument behemoths and provide great-playing, cutting-edge Saxophones to fit any budget.

By Jeff Peterson

Jeff is a Saxophone Player and Saxophone Repair Man in Mission Viejo, Southern California. Owning and maintaining Horn Improvement, a full service instrument repair facility, Peterson works on many of the pro player Saxes in the area and has worked closely with Rhueben Allen at Hollywood Winds to assist in the development of the latest Unison Sax Models.

Horn Improvement also sells a nice selection of new and vintage saxes and mouthpieces.

You can find them online at:
Horn Improvement Website -
Address: 25672 Taladro Circle #A
Mission Viejo, California, 92691
Telephone (949) 455-4163
FAX (949) 455-4183

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