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Unison Sax Review :: by Shannon Kennedy

UNISON's Latest SAXOPHONES - The Legends

Recently, at the 2005 NAMM Show, I tried out the new Unison Legend Tenors. At the show, there was a standard gold lacquer Legend and a satin silver Legend.

The Hollywood Legend Tenor Saxophones are manufactured by Unison Saxophones. Some features specific to this saxophone are its double bracing on the low keys and two octave keys in the body to help with the D and G#. The bis key has a screw adjustment from the A key, which is a hard adjustment to maintain, but helps a lot. There is also an extra adjustment bar between the F and F1 keys.

At the NAMM Show, I was able to try out both the new Legend Tenor Saxes (the gold lacquer and the satin silver legend). I was impressed with the way the satin silver tenor played as opposed to the gold. The tone was smooth and dark, and I really liked how it sounded. The gold lacquer Legend Sax was too much like the Tenor I already play, a Unison Custom Jeff Peterson Tenor Saxophone, so it did not make enough of a difference for me. However, a friend of mine tried out both saxophones as well and felt the complete opposite - preferring the Gold Sax to the Silver Sax.

In summary, I feel that both the Tenor Saxophones were very good Saxophones, preferring the Silver Tenor. I think that some of the features of the Saxophone help to increase the durability of the horn and are great modifications.

You can read more about the Legend Saxes at the Unison Saxophone site. You can read more about the NAMM Show at my NAMM article, or view pictures from NAMM on my NAMM pictures page.

By Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy is a Unison Artist and Woodwind player, playing Saxes, Flutes and Clarinet. Shannon is also the host of a new Teen Jazz site - You can also find out more about Shannon Kennedy at

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