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Selmer Tenor Saxophones

Review Selmer Series II Tenor

Selmer Series II Tenor

I felt right at home on the Selmer Series II Tenor Saxophone. Probably something to do with the fact that I own one!! It is such a solid instrument and enjoyable to play, and I did like this new one that I was testing.

The Series II is light and easy to handle and I felt able to control the sound with just the right amount of effort. Like the Series II Alto, it has a very 3-dimensional sound. I didn't have to over blow to get plenty of volume, and playing quieter passages in the music was controlled, with notes speaking clearly.

Selmer Saxes do change with age and grow old gracefully. My own Series II Tenor Saxophone has a slightly darker tone than the new ones, probably due to all the dirt that has accumulated and the lacquer wearing off in places! Also, the action is nice and low and light after a few years of adjustments, and now plays better than ever.

The Selmer Series II is a classic sax and feels like an elder statesman among saxophones as it has been around for over 10 years now, which, in these days of marketing and changing technology every day, just goes to show that quality does stand the test of time. The Series II is ideal for all sorts of work and playing styles. It suits rock and roll as much as classical and jazz. A great all round performer.



Review Selmer Series III Tenor

Selmer Series III

Big sound!! This sax had a very up front feel to the sound, a real 'in your face' quality, and such a long way from what I expected in a Selmer sax. It responded very well, had a clear sound and the intonation was stable. The sound was very full, and delivered plenty of volume, but I just found it a little difficult to control and not as well-focussed as the Series II, having to put extra effort in to get it out.

Despite the massive sound there was something that just didn't feel right, it's difficult to put into words. I think it may be a case of me being so used to the Series II Tenor that the Selmer Series III didn't do it for me.

That said, there are plus points and many players love this horn. It has a bigger sound than the Series II and does project very well; the tone is slightly darker than the Series II Tenor Sax. I was more impressed with the black version and preferred it to the standard gold lacquer finish; it seemed to respond a little better.

More than any other make, every Selmer has its own character due to the extensive hand crafting so maybe the next Series III I play I will like!! ("I love my Series III" - Phil the editor.)


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Thanks to and to Jim Cheek for sharing this Tenor Sax Review with the Sax Reviews readers, worldwide!

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