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Sax Necks, Sax Mouthpieces, Sax Neck Straps, Reed Cases, Reeds, Sax Cases, Saxophone Ligatures, over-all sax set up, Sax Stands...

You get the idea. We are slowly adding articles to cover every aspect of the Saxophone from tone to transport. Saxophone Accessories will be huge but not anytime soon unless you all start writing in with why you love the XYZ Stand or whatever. Examples of the type of questions I like getting answers for can be viewed on the Sax Saxophone Review Questions page.

Also submit the Saxophone Reviews Survey when you get a chance so we can learn a little bit more about who YOU are.

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SAXBOY's Quick Notes ::
I have numerous Necks for every Sax in Lacquer, Silver and Gold Plate. I have found thumb hooks can change the sound or feel of the Sax. I have a Sterling Silver Yamaha Prototype on my Alto and can swear it sounds more centered than the plastic or Brass Oleg I bought last year. I Use Walt Johnson Flight Case for Baritone. I have Anvil cases for Alto and Tenor for when I fly. Mouthpieces are Guardala on Alto and Tenor, Beechler on Soprano and Jody Jazz ESP on Baritone. Plastic Covered Rico on Alto, Tenor, Bari. KenKase reed cases for all sax's; like the glass and love the real wood. Bought and endorse SaxRax Sax stands for all my woodwinds because they link together and hold everything really solid. Hate a lot of the COOL and expensive Ligatures I have; La Voz Optimum and the old Guardala's work fine. Sax Neck Straps are from France - Brancher, Music Stands, Pegs for your Doubles, Screw Drivers, electronics, mics - D50 AKG on Bari / ATM35 clip live / AEA R84 Ribbon in Studio, clip on or stand mics, effects live or studio, tried different pads, resonators, gold or silver plating on different sax parts?

A lame list with a point. Over 30 years of trying products and stock piling every step along the way. I own 3-6 variations of every product listed above. Some of them are really great and many are awaiting the time when I cant find the good one and use the lamer one that gig. Been thru 2 wives but still have every Sax Stand I ever bought and over a dozen pegs for this one or that.

What's in your Gig Bag? What could you live without in your Sax Case? What makes your gig go a little better when you have it with you? CONTACTS :: Drop us a line with a Favorite Sax Accessory and Why You Love It.

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