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Ridenour ATG Reed Preparation System

For all of us single reed players who are frustrated from buying boxes of reeds and finding only 2 or 3 that play well, and are tired of preparing reeds with techniques that are hit or miss at best, there is hope.

The Ridenour ATG System (ATG stands for against the grain) offers a simple, effective, consistent way to test and prepare your clarinet reeds or saxophone reeds to make even the worst ones play well and you could well end up with 8-10 good playing reeds out of a box of 10.

The Ridenour kit includes an instructional DVD and manual, and all the tools for applying the Ridenour method. Although the manual is interesting regarding the theory and handy for reference, I found watching the DVD the most effective way to learn the method.

On it, the inventor of the ATG system, Thomas Ridenour, who is a classical clarinet player, demonstrates how to test and sand reeds of varying degrees of playability, getting them all in good playing shape. Beyond just getting more good reeds, this system gets the reeds to play evenly throughout the range of the instrument with excellent dynamic range and less lip pressure, and with a little practice anyone can apply the system.

I would recommend the Ridenour kit to all single reed players. The $80.00 or $90.00 is well spent and would more then be returned in the money you save on buying reeds. As the author says, you could well end up with an "embarrassment of riches" in the reed department.

Let's just hope the reed manufacturing companies don't find a way to ban it.

By Mike Haupt

Mike Haupt has been playing alto sax for about 23 years and started clarinet 22 years before that. Mike has studied with Aaron Santee and David Gross, formerly of Electric Flag. He has also been playing in part time local rock/blues/jazz bands for 25 years and is currently active in a local band.

Thanks to Mike for taking the time to share about a product that has helped him as a Saxophone Player!!

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