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Personal Information - All Reviews can include your Name, Personal Info and links to your website. No personal information will be included without your permission.

Your Real Name?
Web name or name you prefer to go by?
Email address? (NEVER LISTED or RELEASED)
Your Age?
Years Playing Saxophone?
Personal Web Site to link back to you?
What style of Music are you now playing, most the time?
Personal Information to include or exclude in Review?


Which Saxophone are you reviewing today? (Selmer Tenor, Series III, standard lacquer)
Mouthpiece used?
Reeds and Strength used?
Ligature used if not the one supplied with the Mouthpiece?
Anything else to mention? Different Neck? Plating? Pads or Resonators?

REVIEW this Sax

PRO's - What does this Saxophone with the above listed set up give you that you love?
CON's - What, if anything is missing or in need of improvement?


List the Saxophone's owned prior to the purchase of your current Sax. (On Tenor, I have owned a Bundy, Selmer Mark VI and Yamaha Custom 875.) What did the New Sax give you that the old Sax did not? (Why did you make the change? Tone, Pitch, Center, Focus, Spread, Volume, Feel, low notes, high notes, Altissimo / Multi-phonics? The PROCESS is what I'm looking for - The what and whys?)


What other Saxes did you consider?
PRO's - What did you like best about the Sax you got?
CON's - How did the other Saxes compare to the Sax you're reviewing; good or bad?


You can submit reviews for Saxes tested and not purchased also.
Saxophone make and model tested?
Sax set up used?
Approximate Month/Year of Test?
PRO's - ?
CON's - ?
COMPARE - Other Saxes at test time and/or Sax you owned at the time of this test?
Why did the test not translate into a purchase?


By submitting response, you are releasing this information for use by SaxReviews.com and are aware that this information will be posted by SaxReviews.com to the Worldwide Web. No Personal information will be posted without author consent. No Retail Marketing agreements will ever be made aside from advertising available thru Banners Adds. We hate SPAM and will never sell or publish information for that purpose. We reserve the right to edit, spell check, remove store or price references and remove bashing, obscenities or delete reviews entirely.
PURPOSE - The purpose of these, or any reviews, is to give a clear opinion of a product, pros and cons, comparison to similar products and personal thoughts on that product. See the Sax Reviews Disclaimer. One Size Does Not Fit All. Each review reflects that sax player on that day, with that set up and tonal concept, for that person.
GOAL - The goal is to share the PROCESS Sax Players use when checking out Saxes. A list of Sax Players and the Mouthpiece they use does not help much. Sharing WHY you changed from A to B? WHAT you Love about the Reference 54. A new Sax that killed you. Share your thoughts and contribute to the Online Saxophone World with actual reviews by real people - not marketing guys creating adds to sell Saxes who have never held a Sax.

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