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KenKase Reed Cases for reed care with Class

KenKase Reed Cases are made of the finest materials, handcrafted by Dave Kennedy in his wood shop in Southern California, and made to order with personal touches available. These reed cases are beautiful in appearance and cover all the needs of the Saxophone Reed with a touch of class.

The best material for the reed to dry on is glass since it is polished, flat, smooth, has no pours to absorb anything, ending further interaction between the reed and the glass surface. No pours in the glass means the reed can dry totally straight and will then stay that way. Glass is also easily cleanable and creates the best health scenario when fighting germs or sickness.

Many reed cases employ design that includes a piece of plastic, metal or fabric that goes over the reed and can chip the tip of that favorite reed. I have lost countless numbers of favorite reeds slicing the tip of the reed on a reed case, holding piece.

The KenKase Reed Case design is simple. You just stick the reed on the glass after use and close the case. The top of the case provides and soft cushion to hold the reed in place, firm to the glass, and the case has a single or double latch depending on the size ordered to keep it all secure.

Reed life is maximized and accidents that could ruin that favorite reed become a thing of the past.

There is an old saying that says if it ain't broke don't fix it. This reed case works great, has held up really well over the year or more I have been using it and it is a real eye catcher. Just about everyone that sees it asks about it and other sax players are always asking for the website address.

The concept is really old school. I have a reed case from my grandfather from the 40's and it was a simple box with a piece of glass inside, small cushion to hold it in place and a simple clasp to keep it shut. Nothing earth shattering here, but it worked.

There are a lot of Sax products out there and I have many different reed cases I've used over the years. What KenKase has done is take a great design concept and apply some old school love of unique and exotic woods to create a reed case that is every bit as functional as any product past or present and a truly gorgeous home for those prized and priceless reeds we all struggle to find. It just feels right to keep the best reeds I have in the best case I could find.

Check out the KenKase site and see for your self. Beautifully handcrafted in exotic woods, safe and secure handling of your special reeds, and a price that defies logic when comparing those other cases that lack the beauty and function available with KenKase. And don't forget those personal touches. My initials are on each case, and for the first time in years, I have not lost a reed case on the gig.

Here's loving my KenKase -

Greg Vail

Greg Vail, aka SAXBOY has played Saxophone for over 30 years, performing and recording in the Gospel and Jazz worlds. Visit www.GregVail.com for more information on Mr. Vail's music and for more Articles by Greg Vail - www.SaxReviews.com / www.Saxophone.us.

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