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To call Rampone and Cazzani Saxophones "up and coming" needs a little explanation. Rampone and Cazzani or R & C Saxophones are not 'new comers' to the Saxophone world but they are relatively 'unknown' by most Sax Players and that is changing.

Rampone and Cazzani Saxophones

Made in Italy, Rampone and Cazzani Saxophones are some of the best, unknown Saxophones in the World. Made by hand, works of beauty, finished in gorgeous precious metals, Rampone Cazzani make Saxophones in the old school tradition of Sax Makers that go all the way back to Mr. Sax himself.

I don't know where these Sax's have been since first starting production over a hundred years ago. I have read articles that claimed older Rampone Cazzani's played pretty lame and the name was new to me. All I know is I started hearing good things about an Italian Sax 2-3 years ago and I got to play them in January, '05.

Rampone and Cazzani Sax

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