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Rampone and Cazzani Saxophones

Made in Italy, Rampone and Cazzani Saxophones are some of the best, unknown Saxophones in the World. Made by hand, works of beauty, finished in gorgeous precious metals, Rampone Cazzani make Saxophones in the old school tradition of Sax Makers that go all the way back to Mr. Sax himself.

Part II RC Soprano Sax's :: Curved Soprano
Made by hand in Italy, finished in precious metals and featuring a no neck design, the Rampone and Cazzani Curved Soprano really killed me at IAJE 2005.

Sax Forte had a special Curved Soprano made for the IAJE trade show that was absolutely beautiful. It was a thick Silver Plate with Gold Plated inner bell and bowl, extreme engraving, R1 Jazz with the Red Brass base, and went to high G. This little babe had it all. It was very expensive with all the added options, but played like a dream.

With a curved Soprano, the tone is very sweet, the look is very sexy, the sound is in your face and they tend to be a little quieter over all. Historically, the curved Soprano Sax sounded better to many players but had major pitch problems and most designers went with a straight Soprano due to these intonation problems.

With the Rampone Cazzani Curved Soprano, pitch is perfect :: Not an issue :: Really amazing!

With the sound so available because it's pointing right at you head, the Curved Soprano seems to be more expressive with a personal character in the tone. The playing experience was way to cool. I had a Silver Plate, high f# model, Curved Soprano in my hands for at least 6 hours over 2 days. This model was an R1 with thick Silver Plate and without some of those 'extra' options, it was a lot more price friendly.

I nearly bought this Soprano Sax right off the show room floor. The sound, character and fun of playing this little Sax was hard to walk away from. With my Yamaha 62R Soprano covering all the bases with great success, the Rampone Cazzani Saxello was not really needed, really over kill since it did all the same stuff my Yamaha 62R does. But, the Curved Soprano had a distinctive sound and intimacy that I could really use in studio, great fun in the playing experience and was totally beautiful.

I did not see it as a replacement Soprano for my 62R, but really wanted it as a second axe. If I was only hired to sound LIKE ME, this Curved Soprano would be great. Since I get session calls that require lots of different playing styles and sounds, the Curved Soprano would be a lot harder to not sound just like ME all the time. Not a bad thing, but not what I would feel comfortable with as an only Soprano and the cash is not there for an extra Soprano.

I love Curved Soprano's in general. I spent a good deal of time deciding which Curved Soprano was my favorite at the 2004 NAMM show. I played every curved Soprano at the show in 04 and decided I liked the Cannonball Black Nickel more than all others including the Yanagisawa which costs a lot more. The Cannonball Curved Soprano is a real value and sounds really good. I had not played a Soprano that got me really excited until playing the Rampone Cazzani Curved Soprano in 2005.

I did get to Compare the Rampone Cazzani and Cannonball Big Bell curved Soprano's and the Rampone Cazzani was so much more complex and full sounding than the Cannonball for only a few hundred dollars more in the Silver R and C described above. I still think the Cannonball would be a great buy but really want to get the Rampone Cazzani.

Yanagisawa is the only one of the Big 4 Sax Makers that that even has a Curved Soprano and the main Soprano Competition seems to be from Yanagisawa and a rip off Yani by Antigua Winds with Yamaha being the last reigning Champion. Although all of these Sax's are great little buys and sound great too, I will have to say the Rampone and Cazzani curved Soprano is a winning design, look and sound.

As you can tell… My next New Soprano will probably have Rampone and Cazzani on the bell.

Check them out today.

Rampone and Cazzani Sax

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