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P. Mauriat Saxophones are made in Taiwan with imported materials from around the world to take advantage of the best materials at the most cost effective rates. This concept seems to be working pretty well too.

P. Mauriat Saxophones

I think the "France" label is a little deceiving since the Saxophones are not made in France, but use imported French Brass. The whole company vibe is not very Asian with the French name, Mauriat's Sax Playing name, and Roger Greenberg's association with the Sax's here in the U.S.

Roger Greenberg is a great classical Saxophonist, Professor of Saxophone at the University of Northern Colorado where he taught saxophone for 24 years, and a member of the famed Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet. His New Company, MonteVerde Music is the U.S. importer and distributor for Mauriat Sax's and I got to hang with this hero of mine while playing these new sax's this past January, 2005.

This is a very new Sax Maker. With most New Sax Companies, there will have a lot of things to work out before the Sax evolves into a good Sax. That's why Sax's I hated just a few years back are pretty cool now. P. Mauriat is maybe 2 years old and it is unusual that the Sax's Mauriat is making would be great Sax's, but some of them are.

For the record, P. Mauriat Saxophones are "THE" really cool new Sax's in the marketplace. I played these Sax's for hours and really enjoyed a number of the production and prototypes Mr. Greenberg and the Mauriat team had available to test.

At the risk of being redundant :: DISCLAIMER. "The following are my thoughts, loves and dislikes."

The quick notes for the Mauriat Home Page.

P. Mauriat Saxophones

The Mauriat Soprano's did little for me. To be fair, the Curved Soprano was so new that the production pieces now available are probably considerably better. Overall the Soprano Sax's lacked the response and tone I desire. They seemed to lack some projection and felt rough to me. A Cheap Soprano by Antigua or the Curved Cannonball hit the spot far more.

The Mauriat Alto Sax's where pretty Cool. They are available in straight and rolled tone wholes, drawn, not separate and attached like the Keilwerth rolled tone wholes. I really liked the sound on the rolled tone wholes. I had the same conclusion with the Keilwerth rolled tone wholes, but with the Mauriat Sax, the Alto did not feel as clunky when the key closed as on the Keilwerth Alto's. The Mauriat Alto was dark yet full in sound and felt very much like the Selmer Alto Sax's. I could play this Alto.

The Mauriat Tenor Sax's were pretty awesome. The dark lacquer was very responsive and full. The rolled tone wholes felt good and the tone on that Tenor was even more complex. The real treat was a prototype Nickel Silver Tenor Sax without the high F# key. This Prototype Mauriat Tenor Sax was hard to put down. I was totally blown away by this Sax! Full review coming and this Sax has been added to the Mauriat Home Page as COMING SOON, Model # PMXT-60NS - Nickel Silver Tenor with no high F# key. I loved this Tenor Sax sound and feel; it totally reminded me of a Mark VI I once loved.

The Mauriat Bari Sax's seemed pretty inconsistent. The Silver Bari and Lacquered Baritone Sax's did not play very well. They seemed pretty out of adjustment and not very centered. The Prototype Mauriat Baritone in solid Bronze was a totally amazing Baritone Sax. More like the Yamaha Bari or Shadow Bb Keilwerth in melody and solo enjoyment, this Bari was already sold when I got it in hand. The Mauriat Bari in Bronze does not show on the site yet and I have no information on if, or when this Sax will be available for purchase, or how much it would cost.

P. Mauriat Saxophones are amazing playing instruments with a few exceptions and some fine tuning to be made by this brand new Saxophone Manufacturer. With Roger Greenberg putting his reputation on it, these Sax's are sure to see ongoing improvement and better manufacturing control as the months and years go by.

Review by SAXBOY :: 3.05

Check out P. Mauriat Saxophones Today!

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