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Saxophone Reviews are coming for many of the up and coming Saxophones. This list includes newer Saxophones or relatively unknown Saxophone Makers, and does not imply inferior or beginner Instruments. We have tested Antigua Winds Saxophones, Borgani Saxophones, Unison Saxophones, L.A. Sax, Jupiter / Hollywood Winds Saxophones, Trevor James Saxophones, Rampone and Cazzani Saxophones, P. Mauriat Saxophones, Cannonball Big Bell Saxophones and more - available Saxophone models.

SAXBOY quick thoughts for favorites are the Mauriat Tenor Saxophone, prototype without the high F# key in Nickel/Silver and the Mauriat Bari Saxophone in Solid Bronze; GB by ARK Corporation Silver Tenor with Gold Neck and Copper Alto; Hollywood Winds Copper Bari Saxophone; Cannonball Black Curved Soprano Saxophone and Rampone Cazzani Soprano Saxophones, straight soprano, curved soprano and Saxello Saxophones. The new LA Sax Goodson Alto and Baptist Alto and Tenor make nice saxes in the student range.

Many of you have found great success with other Saxes. Write Sax Reviews and tell all.

New Saxophone Reviews

Review Cannonball Saxophones

Cannonball Saxophones Introduction :: SAXBOY

:: Cannonball T5 Tenor Saxophone :: Harry Cartwrigtht :: New 8/05

:: Cannonball Tenor Saxophone Review :: Jeff Kashiwa :: New 8/05

:: Cannonball Alto and Tenor Saxophones :: Jason Dumars :: New 5/05

Review P. Mauriat Saxophones

P Mauriat Saxophone Reviews Home by SAXBOY

:: New Nickel Silver Mauriat Tenor Saxophone by SAXBOY

Review Rampone Cazzani Saxophones

Rampone and Cazzani Saxophone Reviews Home by SAXBOY

:: Rampone and Cazzani Tenor Saxophone Review :: :: new 8.05

:: Tenor Saxophone Saxophone Comparisons by Aaron Santee :: new 5/05

:: Rampone and Cazzani Saxello Soprano Saxophone Reviews by SAXBOY

:: Rampone and Cazzani Curved Soprano Saxophone Reviews by SAXBOY

Review Unison Hollywood Winds Saxophones

:: Unison Saxophone Review by Shannon Kennedy

:: Unison Saxophones Discussed by Jeff Peterson :: new 5/05

:: Unison Legends Tenor Saxophone Review by Shannon Kennedy :: 5/05

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Check back for more reviews on all of these. In the meantime you can consider writing a review by checking out the Review Questions page.

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