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"P Mauriat Saxophones are made in Taiwan with imported materials from around the world to take advantage of the best materials with the most cost effective production. This concept…"

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Mauriat Nickel Silver Tenor

:: No high F# key :: Model PMXT-60NS

The Nickel Silver Mauriat I tested was a prototype Sax at the NAMM Show, 2005, Mauriat Saxophone Booth. This Sax is listed as COMING SOON on the Roger Greenberg, MonteVerde Music site; US Distributor for Mauriat Saxophones.

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Note from the Reviewer:
I am a Tenor Sax Player. I played Tenor thru High School and majored on Classical Tenor in College. My first Pro Sax was a Tenor Sax and the Tenor is still the one Woodwind I can do any gig on, in any style with complete success. Tenor Saxophone seems to be the one Sax that I am very picky with products and very difficult to please when testing Saxophones. Within the Big 4 Sax Makers, each has a Great Tenor or 2, but looking at all the rest the Sax Makers; I have not been impressed until this Mauriat Tenor Saxophone.

Now to be honest; I have not had a Selmer Mark VI Tenor in my house for over 10 years so my Selmer remark I'm about to make might be a little vague. The Mauriat Nickel Silver Tenor totally reminded me of my early 60's Mark VI. The feel, tone and response was amazing; even better than I remembered. I would say; what Antigua is to Yanagisawa, Mauriat is to Selmer.

This Mauriat Tenor plays like a dream. I don't know how much of the sound of the Sax is effected by the lack of the high F# key and how much of that fact effected my sense of a Selmer kindred spirit, but it was totally easy and fun to play. I had this Sax in my hands for a couple of hours, enjoyed talking with the Mauriat team and was really excited to be hanging with Roger Greenberg, whom I listened a lot to while studying Classical Tenor in College.

Playing the Mauriat Tenor:
The registers where full and even, projection was solid, tone seemed to have a fat character thru each range and overtones/harmonics where a breeze.

The key work and layout required no real adjustment. The look of this Sax was beautiful with a Silver body and Gold lacquered keys. And, the comments from my Saxophone Playing peers walking by the booth were all great.

I have to add that the reason I totally missed 3 of the Sax Makers on my "must visit list" for this trade show was due to half a day spent playing every Sax Mauriat had to play and spending too much time enjoying this Nickel Silver Tenor.

Retail and Street prices are not available at time of writing, so I have no idea where this Saxophone will fall in the price game. What I do know is this is a new company and the cost will be a great deal until they own the market place and can charge based on a huge name plus the Sax.

My only concern with a new Sax Company, manufacturing from Taiwan would be whether this prototype makes it out of production playing as nice as the Sax I tested and then consistency as the begin full production since there is no track record with a new Company and new Sax.

My hope would be that Mauriat will take the risk out of shopping and testing these Sax's in addition to serious quality control, so the Sax Buying public can play and make there own decisions on the usability and playability for themselves.

Test Gear:
Mauriat Nickel Silver Tenor, Model PMXT-60NS was tested using a Guardala Crescent, tip 118, gold plated, circa 95-96, hand finished by Dave Guardala,; Guardala included Ligature; Rico Plastic Cover 2 ˝ reeds and Rico Royal 2 ˝ reeds.

P. Mauriat Saxophones

Review by SAXBOY :: 3.05

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