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"P Mauriat Saxophones are made in Taiwan with imported materials from around the world to take advantage of the best materials with the most cost effective production. This concept…"

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P Mauriat Alto Saxophone Test

Mauriat PMXA-67R Alto

Test Review of P Mauriat PMXA 67R Alto sax by Andy Brush

Recently, in the saxophone world, there has been a buzz about a new brand of saxophones that is ready to take on the bigger established market leaders such as Selmer, Yanagisawa, Yamaha and Keilwerth. The name that’s creating the excitement amongst us saxophonist’s is P Mauriat. I first saw the name P Mauriat in an advertisement in a copy of Saxophone Journal last year. What I remembered about them was the fantastic look of the saxes!

I then had an opportunity to try some of the P Mauriat tenors out in Frankfurt at the Music Messe in March this year, where P Mauriat was exhibiting.

Having been a Selmer Mark 6 devotee for the last 10 years I was skeptical about this new brand being any good as I had heard that they were being made in Taiwan. Taiwan has built a reputation for supplying the world with student quality instruments.

My faith in anything Taiwanese made had been restored in seconds of playing the PMXT 66R tenor. Wow! It played and felt just like my Mark 6.

So how about the PMXA 67R alto!! This particular model is a special order without the high F# key. All the PMXA alto’s come standard with a super VI neck that makes the sax freer blowing.

This alto has a rich centered sound that is very reminiscent of my old Selmer alto. The intonation on the PMXA 67R is far more accurate than that of a vintage horn. I put it to the test and played some interval exercises into my digital tuner. Playing 4 C’s in a row starting with low C and jumping octaves up to altissimo C, it was hard to outdo this sax. The action is extremely light making it easy to execute those fast 16th note phrases.

The key layout feels ergonomic and everything sits just in the right place! The horn delivers everything from a breathy sub tone to a screaming altissimo with no effort at all. This must have a lot to do with the rolled tone holes that are drawn from the body and not caped like some other models on the market today.

The response of the altissimo is second to none. The horn feels robust in it's construction and uses a harder material for the keywork but doesn’t seem to add any extra weight to the instrument.

The look of the sax is very nice. It is what P Mauriat call their “antique finish”. It really does resemble an old vintage horn that could tell a story or two. So, now after realizing just how good these saxophones are … the all important question!! How much?! At time of writing, there is only one UK dealer which is sax.co.uk and their price is fantastic value for money, virtually half the price of other top brands. If you are curious about these horns, get yourself down to sax.co.uk and try one out. I bet you end up taking one home with you.

Test equipment used: Vintage Selmer Soloist ebonite mouthpiece (E facing) worked on by Ed Pillinger. Francois Louis ligature and a Rico Jazz Select 3 soft reed.

Test Review of P Mauriat PMXA 67R Alto sax by Andy Brush courtesy of Sax.co.uk.

Sax.co.uk is now established as one of the worlds leading suppliers of saxophones and accessories. Based in East Sussex, England, we provide an international mail-order service and at the same time we welcome players into our store to come and test our saxophones and mouthpieces. Our range is always expanding, and currently we have over 200 saxophones on display, stocking all the major brands including Selmer, Yanagisawa, Yamaha and Keilwerth, along with P Mauriat, Rampone and Cazzani, Trevor James, and many others.

Thanks to Sax.co.uk and to Andy Brush for sharing this Tenor Sax Review with the Sax Reviews readers, worldwide!

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