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Jeff Coffin and the Yamaha Z Saxophone

A few words from SAXBOY

Having seen Jeff Coffin live, on DVD and listening to him on CDs for sometime now, I can tell you that this is no ordinary Saxophone Player. Jeff Coffin has been blessed with amazing talent and wonderful opportunities to explore and stretch his Saxophone Playing and the Saxophone World. I listen to everything Jeff is on now, and steal from his bag of tricks regularly.

Jeff Coffin has been playing Yamaha Custom Z Saxes for a few years now and I felt it time for a little update on how they were working for him. The following email was received at Sax Reviews in July 2005.

Jeff Coffin and Yamaha Z Saxes

"I used my Yamaha Z tenor and Z alto on the entire recording of my new CD Bloom. Having used them with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones for the last few years, I knew what they could do and I really wanted to put them to the test. I was 100% happy with how the horns worked out. I felt they were flexible in any situation I put them through, the intonation was great and more than anything else, they had a lot of character in the sound. I played other vintage brands for nearly 20 years and am glad I have made the switch! These are truly great horns and I cannot recommend them highly enough for someone looking for the next generation of saxophones."

Jeff Coffin

(Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, the Jeff Coffin Mu'tet)

To learn more about Jeff, please visit his site at:

Yamaha Artist Pages


Saxophonist Jeff Coffin has been a Yamaha artist since 2002. Jeff has a demanding travel schedule as the sax player for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. In addition to his heavy touring schedule with the Flecktones, Coffin's versatility has made him a highly in demand session player and he has appeared on nearly 100 recordings. Jeff is also a very active educator, teaching clinics and lessons all over the country.

I have been playing the Yamaha Z Series tenor & alto (both unlacquered with a G gold plated neck) for a couple years now and have done well over 500 dates with them so far and they are holding up beautifully. They have a quality and character to the sound that I really love, they respond very quickly and evenly and the intonation is great."

Jeff Coffin Gear List at


Tenor Sax: Yamaha Z Series w/unlaquered body and a G series gold plated neck
Mouthpiece and Reeds: Freddie Gregory Custom Hard Rubber Mouthpiece with Vandoren ZZ #3.5 reeds

Alto Sax: Yamaha Z Series w/unlaquered body and a G series gold plated neck
Mouthpiece and Reeds: Vandoren V16 A95 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece with Vandoren Java TENOR #3.5 reeds...yes, tenor)

Soprano Sax: Selmer Mark VI
Mouthpiece and Reeds: custom Theo Wanne Mouthpiece with Vandoren traditional. #3.5 reeds

Baritone Saxophone: Yamaha YBS 62
Mouthpiece and Reeds: Berg Larson 120/0 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

Saxello: King (vintage)
Mouthpiece and Reeds: Meyer Custom Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

Bb Clarinet: Buffet R13 Mouthpiece and Reeds: with Vandoren Black Master #3.5 reeds

Bass Clarinet: Selmer Low Eb Mouthpiece and Reeds: Charles Bay M.O.M.* Hard Rubber Mouthpiece with Vandoren trad. #3 reeds

Flute: Yamaha 681 Series Gold/Brass

Alto Flute: Armstrong w/solid Silver headjoint

Penny Whistle: Sasuto w/adjustable headjoint

Q-Tron Envelope Filter (made by Electro Harmonix)
Eventide Eclipse (I use this as a harmonizer and reverb unit)
Shure Wireless Unit
Shure 98 condenser mic
Shure SM32 mic...for flute & clarinet...great mics!
AMT condenser mic
Midi Buddy footswitch
Line 6 Digital Delay Pedal

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