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Beechler Sax Stands and SaxRax Saxophone Stands

Beechler Bari Sax Stand
I loved the Beechler Bari Sax Stand! I sent a friend into the 2005 NAMM Show on the last day to buy Judy's Beechler display piece for a sweet price and my friend got it to his house, pulled out his Bari, checked it out and did not call me for a week or so.

When he did call me back he said, "Are you gonna be real mad at me if I keep this Beechler Bari Stand?" Well, he had paid for it and picked it up; and is a really good friend, so I said keep it bro.

It is a great stand. They are really sturdy and secure; built great and fold down pretty small for the quality and security they offers.

SAXRAX Bari Sax Stand
When I called my Sax repair guy, I found out that he had purchased the full line of SAXRAX Sax Stands from the NAMM Show and I went in to check them out again. I had been really impressed with them at NAMM but was not really shopping for anything other than a Bari Sax Stand, improvement over that lame black tube thing that has almost trashed my Bari too many times before.

The SaxRax Bari Stand looks just as tough as the Beechler with a wide base support with roughly two, 18' tubes, laying across the ground with large rubber end caps supporting at the base. This stand is solid! Many Stands prop the Sax up on three legs like a cheap stool. These stands will hold the Sax up but any bump and those stands are prone to tip or the Sax simply rolls out of the hoop and support holding the Sax.

The SaxRax Stand Base - Support
The simple 'A Frame' design leaves the weight of the Sax actually forcing the stand open and the bolt that is there to tighten and keep the stand open is used more to hold the stand shut when transporting the stand. Other Sax Stands will collapse if the bolts are not tight. I have had Saxes begin to fall out of Adam's Stands, Hamilton Stands, and that really small Pro-Tech has started to close up and rolled the Sax out of the stand a few times. It is really important to have the stand designed not only to hold the Sax up, but also for the weight of the Sax in the stand to support the stand staying open and secure.

As you look closer at SaxRax Sax Stands, they are really amazing, even more expensive than the Beechler's, just as secure for the Bari Sax and even tougher when comparing the Alto/Tenor/Soprano combo's.

Mr. Potato Head of Sax Stands
SaxRax has 2 different model Bari Stands - one has a removable hoop and is more compact when folded down. One cool thing about the SaxRax is OPTIONS. Want a Curved Soprano Stand with your Bari Sax? A Bass Sax hoop? Imagine Mr. Potato Head with parts for sale. You could have 6 eyes on him. Well; you can put all three of your Soprano Saxes on one stand if you really wanted too. You can mix and match, putting very personal combinations together so it works for you on that gig, and not just 'deal with' the Sax Stand layout that made for the best picture for marketing purposes.

The Tenor/Alto Stands work the same way with 1 model providing an attached, non-moveable hoop, and another that is removable and therefore adjustable also. With each of the peg spaces available for pegs, hoops, multiple pegs adaptors and other accessories like a set list stand; these stands are set up to cover any player with as many combinations as one could imagine.

One cool thing about the peg adaptor is, it's not a welded bolt on the base. Most other stands have a bolt welded to the tube and these can snap with use. Some just screw into the base metal bar and I have had these strip. The SaxRax uses an inch wide metal plug that goes inside the base tube and screws thru the tube with the adaptor for the pegs and hoops. This is very good design since there is no way anything can break off or move at all. If you tried really hard you might get the screw to break off inside the tube plug, but it would take some work. If there was any damage due to stripping the screw insert, it is all replaceable. All the way around, the design is really good and the versatility is unmatched.

The other cool thing is SaxRax Sax Stands all hook up and the Bari Stand hooked up with the Alto and Tenor Sax is solid!!! They have a 180 degree coupler that can be used to hook up multiple stands making them all the more sturdy.

If it was about the best Bari Stand and no other Saxes or combinations mattered, I think it's a toss up between the Beechler Bari Stand and the SaxRax Bari Stands.

Since I do play all the other Saxes and need to think of a bigger family of things to put on stands... I have purchased and now endorse the SaxRax Sax Stands all the way around. I think it is the most expensive decision one could make but also the best!

It does look like the best answer if space is not an issue at all. SaxRax is not a great pit option or any other tight spaced stage area unless you can go with one stand and accessories to cover your other axes. They don't fold down to a 3 inch box but do add the stage security that thousands of dollars of equipment deserve.

SaxRax is the big Bad Boy for Sax Stands now...

Anyone want to buy a Adam's, Oleg, ProTech, Hamilton or Beechler Sax Stand? Possibly a museum for old gear? I could use the tax write off.


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